2016 Speakers
Hawaii Dental Association Convention

January 21-22, 2016
Ms. Cindy Ishimoto
Ishimoto, Cindy #2 Creating Practice Excellence course handout
Ishimoto, Cindy #8 If You Do Not Prepare, You will Need To Repair course handout

Ms. Trish Jones
Jones, Trish #4 What’s Shade Got to Do with It lecture hand out
Jones, Trish #10 Be a Dental Aisle Greeter lecture hand out
Ms. Stacy McCauley
McCualey, Stacy #16 Does Hygiene Have Your Back course handout
McCauley, Stacy #22 Big Patients and Big Consequence lecture hand out
Dr. Wynn Okuda – No handouts.
Dr. John Olmsted
Olmsted, John #1 Which Tooth is it course hand out
Olmsted, John #13 Biochemical Irrigation Obturation Post Op Care course handout

Dr. Paresh Patel
Patel, Paresh #3 Remove The Fear – 3D Surgical Guides For Mini Implant Overdentures course handout
Patel, Paresh # 9 Remove The Fear – Overdentures Made Easy course handout
Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz
Ruiz, Jose Luis #7 Supra -gingival Minimally Invasive Dentistry lecture handout
Ruiz, Jose Luis #19 Occlusion For Everyday Dentistry, The Occlusal Disease course handout

Dr. Harel Simon – 1/25/16updated Simon, Harel #17 Successful Management of the Loose Implant Restoration Syndrome course handout
Simon, Harel # 24 Passive Fit In Implant Dentistry course hand out
Dr. Barbara Steinberg
Steinberg, Barbara #6 The 4 S’s of Optiman Aging course handout
Steinberg, Barbara # 12 Womens Oral Health Issues course handout
Mr. Bernie Stoltz
Stoltz, Bernie # 23 Success Secrets of the Million Dollar Practice course handout
Dr. Jon Suzuki
Suzuki, Jon #15 Contemporary Clinical Periodontics lecture handouts
Suzuki, Jon #21 Peri-Implantitis Etiologies and Potential Therapies lecture handout

Dr. William van Dyk
van Dyk, William #14 Clinical Quality Dentistry course handout
van Dyk, William #20 How Can I Insure My Patients Will Continue…. course handout
Mr. Thomas Viola
Viola, Thomas #18 Management of Post Therapeutic Dental Pain course handout
Viola, Thomas #25 Most Frequently Prescribed Brand Medications course handout

Please note that not all speakers have handouts for their lectures.
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TDIC Risk Management Speakers
Thursday, January 21, 2016: 9am

Mr. David Weiss
Mr. Jansen Curtis

Class #23 – Is open to ALL Dentist to attend.
Friday, January 22, 2016: 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Lecture and Questions & Answers
Mr. Bernie Stoltz

Mr. Blenn Fujimoto
Mr. Mike Mothner
* HDA Young Dentist Group & Hawaii Dental Residents register for free to attend this class.

Course Handouts

We continue to minimize paper waste, traditional course handout materials will be available online by December 4, 2015 (not all course will have handouts). These materials will not be printed for distribution on-site. If you wish to have these materials to reference during the course, please be sure to download them in advance at www.hawaiidentalassociation.net/hawaii-dental-convention.

HDA 2016 Continuing Education Disclaimer: The Continuing Education Committee of the Hawaii Dental Association Convention is to provide attendees with a relevant and rewarding continuing education experience. However, neither the content of a course nor the use of specific products in lectures should be construed as indicating endorsement or approval of the view presented or the products used by the Hawaii Dental Association or any of the respective subsidiaries. Speakers are required to disclose to participants any financial, commercial or promotional interest in a product or company that may influence their presentations, however the Hawaii Dental Association shall not be liable for a speaker’s failure to disclose such interest.