Leadership and Staff

Hawaii Dental Association is led by the 2020 Board of Trustees; encompasses four local dental societies; and is served by a Hawaii delegation to the ADA. 
HDA Board of Trustees - 2020 Members
Dr. Wayne S.H. Leong, President
Vacant, President Elect
Dr. Scott Kanamori, Vice President
Dr. Sean Holliday, Treasurer
Dr. Carla Fukumoto, Secretary
Dr. Curt Shimizu, Speaker of the House
Dr. Dayton Q.L. Lum, Immediate Past President
Dr. Patsy Fujimoto, Hawaii Trustee (2020)
Dr. Craig Haruki, Kauai Trustee (2022)
Dr. Zachary Dodson, Maui Trustee (2022)
Dr. Paul Guevara, Honolulu Trustee (2022)
Dr. Anthony S. Kim, Honolulu Trustee (2022)
Dr. Jaclyn Lum, Honolulu Trustee (2020)
Dr. Jaclyn Palola, Honolulu Trustee (2020)
Dr. Wesley Sato, Honolulu Trustee (2020)
Dr. Russell Tabata, Honolulu Trustee (2020)
Dr. Ed Cassella, Senior ADA Delegate

Component Dental Societies
Dr. Patsy Fujimoto, President Hawaii County
Dr. Lynn Fujimoto, President Honolulu County
Dr. Robert Stebbins, President Kauai County
Dr. Erik Wong, President Maui County

Hawaii ADA Delegates
Dr. Edmund Cassella, Sr Delegate (2021)
Dr. Neil Nunokawa, Delegate (2021)
Dr. Curt Shimizu, Delegate (2020)
Dr. Christopher Lee, Alternate Delegate (2020)
Dr. Wayne Leong, Alternate Delegate (2020)
Dr. Dayton Lum, Alternate Delegate (2020)
Dr. Carla Fukumoto, Secretary

Contact any of the two HDA Staff via phone or email
Antonia (Toni) Perez, Membership Services Manager - email Antonia@hawaiidentalassociation.net
Kim Nguyen, Executive Director - email Kim@hawaiidentalassociation.net