For The Public

The Hawaii Dental Association welcomes your interest in dentistry and our association.

Since 1903, we have been helping our patients by sponsoring numerous dental education programs encouraging our Hawaii dentists to expand their knowledge in the field.  These distinctive programs allow our dentists to update their skills, expand their knowledge and elevate the quality of care provided to all patients.

The Hawaii Dental Association is committed to sustaining the most capable dental professionals available to serve the needs of our patients.  Our members are dedicated to providing accurate information and quality dental care to the our statewide community. Who you get your information from can be just as important as what you are told.

The Hawaii Dental Association is the voice of Hawaii-licensed dentists in the Legislature. The Hawaii Dental Association supports legislation that protects the high quality of dental care that Hawaii’s patients have come to expect from the experts in dentistry – the members of the Hawaii Dental Association.