Complaints About Your Care

Hawaii Dental Association Peer Review program

The Hawaii Dental Association Peer Review program is a confidential mediation program designed to assist patients who have experienced something unexpected in their dental treatment. The program can attempt to help in two specific areas only: 1. Quality of dental care, and 2. Appropriateness of dental care.   We do not help with complaints related to billing, office procedures or interactions with doctor or staff.

Eligibility for the Hawaii Dental Association Peer Review program is limited to patients with complaints against dentists who are current members of the Hawaii Dental Association, complaints regarding dental treatment received within the last twelve months, and the complaint must not have been filed with any other entity, mediator, attorney or court.

If engaged, the only results may include redoing the procedure at a reduced or no fee or assisting in securing a partial or full refund.  We cannot assist with other claims such, but not limited to, inconvenience, pain and suffering or other costs to the patient.  We also cannot assist the patient to have the doctor pay for the patient’s treatment at another doctor’s office.

The results of the Peer Review mediation are non-binding on the patient or the doctor, and there is no charge to either to access this program.  Email to see if your situation is eligible.