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2018 Speakers

Dr. Jeff Brucia - Online handout Conservative Adhesive Materials & Techniques
Online handout Mastering Adhesive & Restorative Dentistry
Dr. Alan Budenz Online handout Are Your Patients Getting Comfortably Numb Budenz, Alan
Online handout Are you Numb Yet Problem Solving the Delivery of Local Anesthesia, Budenz Alan
Ms. Karen Davis - Online handout Pathways To Health Through Reduction, Davis, Karen
Online handout Upsetting the Underworld of Biofilm Davis, Karen
Dr. John Frachella - Online handout SDF
Online handout Why SDF and Smart are Necessary in Todays World
Dr. Doug Lambert - Online handout Simple Solutions to Esthetic Excellence -Lambert, Doug 
Online handout Three mini courses Games Changers Bulk Me Up Glue It So You Can Chew It - Lambert, Doug
Dr. Brigitte Lovell - No Lecture Handouts
Dr. Joe Massad - No Lecture Handouts
Ms. Tricia Osuna - Online handout What is it How Do I Use It Todays Dental Productions, - Osuna, Tricia
Online handout Save me Save You Ergononics - Osuna, Tricia
Dr. Michael Pruett - Online handout Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office, Pruett, Michael
Online handout Managing Implant Complications, Pruett, Michael
Ms. Gene St. Louis - Online hadout Creating Predictable Employee Success, St Louis, Gene
Online handouts Practice Transitions, St. Louis, Gene

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TDIC Risk Management Seminar speakers:
Carol McCutcheon DDS photo and Arthur Curley, Esq. photo
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Course Handouts
We continue to minimize paper waste, traditional course handout materials will be available online by December 1, 2017 (not all course will have handouts). These materials will not be printed for distribution on-site. If you wish to have these materials to reference during the course, please be sure to download them in advance at www.hawaiidentalassociation.net. Please note that not all speakers have handouts for their lectures.

HDA 2018 Continuing Education Disclaimer: The Continuing Education Committee of the Hawaii Dental Association Convention is to provide attendees with a relevant and rewarding continuing education experience. However, neither the content of a course nor the use of specific products in lectures should be construed as indicating endorsement or approval of the view presented or the products used by the Hawaii Dental Association or any of the respective subsidiaries. Speakers are required to disclose to participants any financial, commercial or promotional interest in a product or company that may influence their presentations, however the Hawaii Dental Association shall not be liable for a speaker’s failure to disclose such interest.