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HDA Continuing Education

In this section of our site you will find information about the Continuing Dental Education offered by the Hawaii Dental Association.  We offer Continuing Education at the annual Hawaii Dental Association Convention where multiple classes are offered over the two day annual session.

HDA Dental Education Mission Statement: The mission of the Hawaii Dental Association Dental Education Program is to provide to its members excellent and affordable dental continuing education in a collegial atmosphere to aid in the advancement and quality of care for the people of Hawaii.

CE Requirements

Licenses for dentists and dental hygienists expire on December 31, 2017 unless renewed. In order to renew, dentists must meet the continuing education (“CE”) requirements.
In addition to any other continuing education requirement adopted by the board, after January 1, 2016, each licensed dentist shall complete at least three hours of ethics training per year.
1. If your are licensed prior to 2016, completion of 38 CE hours (32 hours of CE courses + 6 hours of ethics training).
2. If your are licensed in 2016, completion of 22 CE hours (16 hours of clinical courses + 6 hours of ethics training).
3. If licensed in 2017, completion of 3 hours of ethics training.
4. As a part of the CE requirements, all dentists shall complete a course in Basic Life Support (“BLS”) for Health care Providers approved by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association at least once every two years. Please be advised that this is a new requirement. The completion of a general CPR course will no longer be sufficient.

A dentist administering general anesthesia or moderate sedation shall be required to complete the Advance Cardiac Life Support (“ACLS”) or if treating pediatric patients, the Pediatric Advanced Life Support (“PALS”); provided that both courses shall be completed if the dentist is treating pediatric patients and minors thirteen years or older.
5. Detailed information can be found in §16-79-141 Continuing education categories, Hawaii Administrative Rules (“HAR”).
6. To receive CE credits, courses shall be taken from approved sponsoring
organizations pursuant to §16-79-142, HAR, or courses previously approved by the Board pursuant to §16-79-143, HAR.
Information above is listed DCCA Hawaii

Some credits must be taken in a live setting with a presenter (which includes live webinars) and some may be taken by computer, online, or courses presented via other media, such as magazine, audio and video tape recording.

All classes taken by any method of delivery will only count toward your total obligation if they are offered by authorized providers from whom you must receive a certificate that certifies your attendance.